Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

How is Reasonable Suspicion Determined?

Employers might make a judgment call that an employee needs to be tested if safety or performance is being compromised due to drugs or alcohol.

If an individual can’t respond to questions, has alcohol on their breath, or clear symptoms of being under the influence then reasonable suspicion can be a factor.

Drug Tests for Reasonable Suspicion

Once reasonable suspicion has been established, a breath alcohol test and urine drug test are conducted. Breathalyzers are able to determine if someone is under the influence of alcohol and five, nine, or ten panel urine drug tests may be required. For DOT employees, a DOT breath alcohol test and DOT 5 Panel Urine Test are the only options.

RaBu sends all specimens to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for analysis which then gets reviewed by our Medical Review Officer.

Once your test is purchased, you'll receive a registration code that can be used at the nearest clinic to the city, state and/or zip code you choose.  This code comes via email within 1 hour during normal business hours.  If ordered after hours, it will come the next business morning. 

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