I can't say enough great things about this facility. It is incredibly CLEAN beautiful office (not the norm for a drug testing facility) and the staff is organized and professional. I have had my prospective employees come to RaBu for pre-employment drug testing and commercial driver physical exams for several years and they have always been accommodating and helpful. Great place, great staff and great pricing!!!!

Zoe T

I had suspicions regarding my sons habits as he was acting differently. I contacted RaBu Diagnostic Services to inquire about having him drug tested. Not only was the staff incredibly friendly, they were extremely helpful in guiding me, step by step, what kind of drug test to use. RaBu provided detailed information about the many types of drug tests there are (hair or urine) and what exactly is tested on each panel. After carefully choosing the right panel, I brought my son in and the staff was extremely professional and handled this situation discreetly which put us both at ease. The results were promptly reported to me within 2 days. I would not hesitate to use RaBu Diagnostic Services again or refer my friends and family to them. Additionally, pricing was comparable to other labs and somewhat less expensive.

Lilly B

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Katherine Siegel, RN BSN

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