DNA Tests

DNA tests are commonly used for many legal situations and they are affordable and accurate.  It is a very simple test which requires a quick swab inside the cheek to see if people are related.

Legal DNA Testing is used in situations where paternity is needed to petition for child support and/or custody, altering inheritance procedures and wills, and even to simply change a name on a birth certificate.

Of course, DNA testing isn’t just for paternity. RaBu Diagnostics can also perform maternity tests, grandparent, sibling, aunt and uncle tests.

Testing all parties is made easy since the parties involved don’t need to be tested at the same time or even at the same clinic.  We can simply set up the testing so that the specimens are matched in a centralized laboratory, additional fees apply.

Through DNA Heritage Testing you can determine ethnic heritage or ancestry. Learn what part of the world your ancestors came from, check for maternal and paternal lineage and receive a detailed look into your ancestry.

In New York State only, DNA tests require a prescription from a doctor, and the lab fees are paid directly to the laboratory. Non-legal DNA tests are not available in NY State.

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