Types of Alcohol Tests

Breath Alcohol Test

A breathalyzer, or breath alcohol test, provides results immediately and are ordered when it is required to be sober at a given time such as when operating heavy machinery or driving.  Breath alcohol tests, or BATs do not look at prior alcohol usage.  BATs detect the current presence of alcohol in the blood stream. Police officers use these same tests to detect drunk driving.

RaBu Diagnostic uses only DOT approved Evidential Breath Testing devices or EBTs. This will ensure that your results can be upheld in a court of law.


Urine Alcohol Test

Urine Alcohol Tests detect alcohol consumption over approximately the past 80 hours.  These tests are often utilized when it is required to be sober over a short period of time.

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Hair Alcohol Test


Hair Alcohol Tests are now available at RaBu.  The time frame of these tests is based on the length of hair being tested.