Child Custody Drug Test

Court-ordered drug and/or alcohol tests may also be included in a custody/visitation agreement. If an ex-spouse or co-parent has problems with drugs or alcohol, custody and visitation agreements may require that drug tests be taken prior to, during, or even immediately after the children are with the adult. A positive test can result in a lost visitation, while a pattern of positive drug or alcohol tests can even cause a complete removal of visitation rights.

RaBu works with all components of the legal system to include attorneys, parents, the courts, and social service agencies to carry out the drug and alcohol testing agreements.We can customize testing programs to meet virtually any situation.

Type of Child Custody Drug or Alcohol Testing

  • Random testing:  Rabu notifies the party (or parties) when to present for a test
  • Periodic testing:  Rabu provides weekly, monthly, or other periodic notifications for drug or alcohol testing
  • Pre or Post Child Custody testing:  The party or parties notify RaBu when a test is needed.


Reporting of Results

All results can be reported in accordance with a court order or legal agreement. For example, many agreements require the results to be reported to both parties, or to both attorneys, or to the court. RaBu can accommodate any of these situations, as per your request.

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