Drug Tests

RaBu diagnostics provides DOT and non-DOT urine and hair drug tests. We can also conduct breath alcohol tests, urine alcohol tests, and we can do this for companies and private individuals at over 2500 clinics across the USA.

Employment Drug Testing
Employment drug screening is usually in one of the following groupings:

  • Pre-employment: nowadays, it is not uncommon for employers to make job offers on the condition that the candidate pass a drug test. Usually, this test is  a 10 panel non-DOT urine screen or a 5 panel DOT drug test.
  • Post accident: Understandably, after an employee is in a significant accident in the workplace, especially one involving personal injury or equipment damage, the possibility of the employee being high on drugs or under the influence of alcohol needs to be looked at. Many companies already have regulations in place that mandate testing right after an accident. RaBu Diagnostics can come to your place of business to test someone or you can send them to us and we will work as quickly as possible to get accurate results.
  • Reasonable suspicion: If you think an employee may be at work while drunk or high, they need to be tested immediately. This is especially important with alcohol because it leaves the body very quickly, at the rate of 1 drink per 1-2 hours. RaBu Diagnostics can administer this test anywhere in the country.
  • Random: If you like, RaBu Diagnostics will keep an updated list of employees and select a set percentage of them to be tested randomly each month or each quarter for drug/alcohol testing. If you have DOT employees, then you are required by law to do this and we would be happy to take care of the logistics for you.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Testing

Federal Law (Title 49 CFR Part 40) mandates that truck drivers, Merchant Marines, and people with a United States Coast Guard (USCG) Captain’s License get enrolled in a DOT drug testing program. DOT employees are subject at any time to a rigorous and strict battery of tests, including pre-employment, post accident, reasonable suspicion, and random drug/alcohol tests, even return to duty and follow up testing for people who fail a test, are suspended, and then folded back into the workforce. Each of the DOT components (to include the FMCSA, FAA, FRA, USCG, FTA, PHMSA) operates slightly differently in regards to these requirements and has their own rules about the number of employees who have to take surprise drug tests annually. RaBu Diagnostic’s DOT experts inherently know this and can work to ensure you are compliant with DOT’s regulations.

Court-Ordered and Personal Drug Tests

Depending on the state you live in and company you worked for, you might be required to undergo drug testing for months or years after you left a company. Here at RaBu we can offer drug testing to individuals and families in a way that makes the task manageable. Some common reasons for a drug test include:

  • Child custody: parents who are separated/getting a divorce can make it a legal obligation for random drug and alcohol testing for the safety of their kids.
  • Probation and pre-trial: Some courts will force people who have been arrested, charged, or convicted of drug/alcohol issues to go through random drug testing. RaBu can handle this and report directly to whoever needs to get the results in hand.

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