Employment Drug Tests

Human resources departments of many companies frequently implement drug-testing programs as just part of healthy workforce initiatives. Naturally there are mutual benefits for both employers and employees by maintaining a drug free workplace.

Many companies will utilize a basic five-panel or ten-panel urine drug test.  The five-panel test is mainly used for street drug testing, including cocaine and marijuana. The 10-panel drug test includes many widely abused prescription drugs. Prescription painkiller abuses are growing, and these can be tested for in the 10-panel plus expanded opiates drug test.  Companies regulated by the DOT must administer drug tests approved by the Department of Transportation.

Although each person is different, drugs will usually remain in the urine for up to 5 days after use. Marijuana can stay in the system longer, up to a month, in the cases of heavy users. When requiring tests that detect use over a longer period, our hair drug tests detected usage over the past 90 days.

RaBu Diagnostics takes care when administrating tests and ensures that there is not cheating on tests. 

If and when an employee tests positive, keep in mind that employers should follow policies and procedures that have been put into place. All results from drug testing should be kept confidential as in any other personnel information. Many companies utilize EAP, or Employee Assistance Programs or have other professional resources available.  While some companies will fire an employee on the spot for positive drug testing, many will provide assistance.

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