Probation Drug Tests

Many jurisdictions order random drug and/or alcohol tests for probation or pre-trial. If you are on probation and need a drug test, you can register online for a test or call to schedule one.

Court-Ordered Probation Drug Tests

Court-Ordered drug tests for probation can differ from case to case, and are put in place based on the offense of the individual and the verdict of the court. These can be five, nine or 10-panel tests. Often, they include an alcohol test. Common drugs tested for include propoxyphene, barbituates, opiates, PCP, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and benzodiazapines. If a test comes back positive for any of these drugs, there is a review and it is wise to talk about any prescription medications you may be using with our attendant physician.

It’s important to understand that there can be severe consequences when a court-ordered drug test is failed while on probation. The courts take any violations of probation seriously. While it is hard to say exactly what might happen, individuals might be even more restricted, sent to a drug rehabilitation program, and sometimes sent to jail. It's also possible that an individual’s probation period might be extended if a drug test is failed.

RaBu Diagnostic can provide court ordered drug tests at our clinic.  The results of these tests can be faxed to your probation officer or anywhere else you choose, at no extra charge. 

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