Court Ordered

Court-ordered drug tests are used in many scenarios, including DUI/DWI,  probation, and child custody. Being drug-free or alcohol-free may be part of a court order. Usually, the court, or an agreement between the parties, will influence the framework for how the drug testing will be done. Court-ordered drug tests are usually seen for violations like driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Legal battles over child custody may include issues of drug/alcohol abuse among one or both of the former spouses. In order to protect the kids, an ongoing program of random drug testing may be ordered by the court.  The program might include testing of either spouse at a time and place of the court’s choosing. The court may order the parties to share in the costs, or to order one party to cover all the drug-testing expenses.

Whatever the arrangement, RaBu Diagnostic has the flexibility to work with whatever program is used. RaBu Diagnostic can customize a random drug testing program for you and your former spouse, or for any court ordered purpose. Our flexibility and ability to adapt for court ordered drug testing is unparalleled anywhere within our field. 

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