EtG Urine Alcohol Test (70 to 80 Hour lookback)

Rabu Diagnostic’s EtG urine alcohol test checks for alcohol consumed in the past 70 to 80 hours.  It is different from a Urine Alcohol test, which only goes back for 12 hours.  EtG tests should be used when a person should be completely abstinent, for example, when an alcoholic parent has custody of children for the weekend.
The EtG urine alcohol Test is administered at a clinic near you. Same day walk-ins are available at no extra charge.
Results are available in one business day for negative screen.  We will send you your results, signed by our physician, via email. (If the screen is not negative, we will subject the specimen to a confirmation test.  This can take up to five business days).

All results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer - a physician.  The doctor will call you to discuss your test, before releasing the results, if it is not negative.  This is your opportunity to explain any prescription medications you might be taking. 

EtG Urine Alcohol Test (70 to 80 Hour lookback)

Price: $125

Number of Parties Tested