HGH Drug Test

Human growth hormone, which is also known as seatrain or somatotropin, is a peptide hormone, meaning it is a protein that has an endocrine function. Human growth hormone (HGH) works by stimulating cell reproduction, growth and regeneration in the body. The drug is currently legal only through a prescription. The fastest way to get HGH into an individual's system is through injections, which is the primary method used in doctor-approved HGH therapy.

Intended Effects

HGH is prescribed by doctors as a means of treating a child's growth disorder, an adult's hormone deficiency, or an aging adult's body deterioration. However, the most common uses of HGH go beyond the FDA approved uses. For example, many athletes use the hormone as a way to enhance their athletic performance by building muscle.

Side effects

  •  High cholesterol levels.
  •  Tingling or numbness of the skin.
  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  •  Swelling in the body's tissue due to fluid.
  •  Joint, muscle and nerve pain.


When used appropriately, HGH seems to be safe. However, when abused, HGH can result in serious health problems. Many individuals who abuse HGH are not aware of the correct dosage they should be taking or what other substances are in their hormone treatments. Because of the initial muscle and strength gains with limited side effects, users are often tempted to take higher and more frequent doses. Furthermore, tests in mice have revealed a correlation between prolonged HGH use and cancer, although this connection has not been proven in humans.


When HGH is abused, it can cause continued growth of the body's limbs and joints and areas in the face, which are clearly body parts that should stop growing once an person reaches adulthood. In time, this can lead to disfigurement. Fatal consequences come about when the internal organs become distorted, which causes them to shut down.

HGH is illegal when used without a prescription, and it’s use is considered cheating in many professional sports. Because of this fact, coaches and parents may want to test their young athletes to ensure the hormone is not being used without their knowledge. RaBu has drug tests that can detect human growth hormone.

Because the dangers of prolonged HGH use are so severe, as are the dangers associated with overdose, parents and family members should have their loved one's tested if usage is suspected. Finding out early about a problem such as this can even save someone’s life. Additionally, athletic associations, teams, and leagues may wish to root out prohibited use of performance enhancing substances by having RaBu come on site to perform testing at games, competitions, and tournaments.


HGH Drug Test

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