Sibling DNA Test

The results of a Sibling DNA Test will tell you whether 2 or more people are either full or half-siblings. Our appointment schedule is flexible but you will need to book as early as possible to get the time slot that you desire. In some instances, we can conduct DNA testing in the same day although this is subject to availability and in most cases it will take 5-6 business days to get the results of your test. We’ll email you the doctor’s report and put the official hard copies in the mail as well.

You can set up a legal DNA test by calling 855-845-RABU (7228).

When you come in for an appointment, all adults need a photo ID and other form of identification. Minors can use a birth certificate, social security card, or for a newborn, hospital discharge papers.

NY residents, keep in mind that DNA tests require a doctor’s prescription.

All New York clients must pay $140 lab fee directly to lab; therefore, our online price in New York is reduced by $140, but total cost to you is the same.

Once your test is purchased, you'll receive a registration code that can be used at the nearest clinic to the city, state and/or zip code you choose.  This code comes via email within 1 hour during normal business hours.  If ordered after hours, it will come the next business morning. 

If you don't get it within 1 hour during normal business hours, or the next business morning, check your junk mail filter, then send an email to us at, or call us at 855-845-7228.



Sibling DNA Test

Price: $450

Number of Parties Tested


New York Clients only -$140.00